Goat & Horns: Return to Mysticism.

In the waning days of December 2020, I embarked on an enchanting expedition, winding my way through the charming landscapes of Essex, southern England. Amidst the idyllic scenery, an unexpected discovery awaited me.

Behind a bush, a hidden enclave revealed itself, where a small group of goats, gracefully confined in a paddock, unfolded a scene so captivating that I felt compelled to immortalize their essence through my lens.

The goat, an enduring symbol echoing through the corridors of history, transcends cultural and civilizational boundaries, holding within its significance a spectrum of positive and negative connotations across diverse contexts.

Enter the realm of “Goat & Horns: Return to Mysticism,” a collection born from my encounter with these remarkable creatures. Liberating them from their enclosures through the interplay of bold shadows, my aim was to restore their dignity and spirituality.

In certain frames, the goats’ gaze is nothing short of hypnotic, exuding an enigmatic energy that draws viewers into their world. Each image is a testament to my pursuit of elevating the goat’s image, infusing it with sophistication and unparalleled uniqueness.

Venturing further, the collection delves into the mystical allure of the goat, centering on its defining feature – the horns.

Through the manipulation of mystical light, these horns transform into symbolic weapons, transporting us to the spiritual core of the animal. In this exploration, my goal was to resurrect the lost strength, salvation, and immortality ingrained in the very essence of the goat.

Join me on a visual odyssey that transcends mere photography, unlocking the mystic secrets and timeless allure hidden within the majestic figures of ‘Goat & Horns.

Goat & Horns: Return to Mysticism.

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